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Bio - filmography:
1969 B.Sc. in Mathematics and Physics Tel Aviv University.
1980 B.F.A in Film, Television and Animation Tel Aviv University.
1996 The Minister of Culture Prize for filmmakers.
2006 DAAD Grant, Berlin.
Mother of 3. One parented family.


1976 “The Garden” - fiction, 1 min. 8 mm. Colour.

1978 “Hangers” - fiction, 15 min. 16 mm. B/W.

1981 “Widow Plus” - Documentary feature, 103 min. 16 mm. B/W.
The film exposes five young women (about 30), mothers of small children. All were widowed in the Yom Kippur War (October 1973); the director is one of them. The camera meets them 7 years after the war.

1988-1993 “Choice and Destiny” -

Non fiction authentic feature. 118 min. 16 mm. Colour.
I want to present you Yitzhak, 80-years-old and his wife Fruma, 72-years. They are my parents. They are Holocaust survivors. They live in Israel. Thier moving story is told through the small gestures of the daily routine of the life of a retired couple: preparing thier food, thier meals, eating with thier grandchildren. Leaving thier daughtre a memoir.

In my parentís kitchen, Holocaust survivors, I read precisely and gracefully, the traces of history which even in the folds of silence refuse to let itself be forgotten.

1995 The Robert & Frances Flaherty GRAND PRIZE Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival.
1994 The Audience Award & The Special award of the Jury - International Documentary Filmfestival Amsterdam.
1994 Prix De La SCAM - Festival Cinema Du Reel, Paris.
1994 AFJ award for the long documentary film - Festival Films De Femmes, Creteil, Paris.
1994 Berlinale - FORUM section.
1993 Silver Sesterce for the film of particular merit - International Documentary Film Festival Nyon.
1993 An award in Spirit of Freedom Competition - Jerusalem International Film Festival.
1996 “Top Ten” Festival Amsterdam (IDFA)

1996-1998 “Three Sisters” - Non fiction authentic feature. 68 min. 16mm. Colour.
"Life has passed and we have achieved nothing" Thats's what Ester the youngest says. The eldest, Karola, keeps quite. Fruma, who is my mother, tries to write what she remembers. Three sisters in thier 70's, Holocaust survivors. More then 50 years have passed and still they can't talk of thier memories. This is a film about the trauma...
1997 The Prize of Haifa Arts Foundation, for works in progress.
1998 Berlinale - FORUM section.
1999 The Cinematography Award festival DocAviv.
2004 German History Museum Berlin,
International Exhibition: Myths of Nations,
the Battle of Memories.

2000-2003 "A City with no Pity" - Creative Documentary feature. 65 min. video. Color
I went back to my home town Lod (Lydda) which became the center of drug trafficking in Israel. I found that its history of 5000 years is covered under ruined houses and heaps of garbage same as my childhood landscapes and memories. The surreal reality of Lod where a third of its population is Arab-Israeli citizens became a metaphor of the whole state of Israel.
2003 Berlinale - FORUM section.
2003 Docaviv - Tel Aviv
2003 International Showcase Competition - Hot Docs, Toronto
May 1, 2003 at 9:45pm Royal Cinema